What is a thermistor?

Column:Company News Time:2022-08-03

Thermistors are heat sensitive resistors, whose resistance varies significantly with temperature. 

When the temperature of ordinary substance rises, the resistance value gradually increases.

The resistance value of NTC thermistor decreases significantly with the increase of temperature.

 Negative temperature coefficient (English name: Negative Temperature Coef fi cient; English abbreviation: NTC)

The following instructions are limited to NTC thermistors.Thermistor is a kind of thermal sensitive element of fine ceramic semiconductor sintered from a variety of metal oxides, mainly Mn (manganese), Ni (nickel) and Co (cobalt).

The working temperature is - 50~+500 ℃, covering the temperature range required for daily temperature control.

Because of its small size, good stability and high responsiveness, thermistors are widely used in household appliances and industrial instruments as temperature sensors or temperature compensation components.