After-sale service is a variety of service activities provided after the sale of goods. From the point of view of marketing work, after-sales service itself is also a means of promotion. In the follow-up stage, sales personnel to take various forms of coordination steps, through after-sales service to improve the reputation of the enterprise, expand the market share of the product, improve the efficiency and efficiency of sales work.

In today's fierce market competition, with the improvement of consumers' awareness of safeguarding their rights and the change of consumption concepts, consumers not only pay attention to the product entity itself, but also pay more attention to the after-sale service of the product when the quality and performance of similar products are similar. Therefore, enterprises in the provision of cheap and high-quality products at the same time, to provide consumers with perfect after-sales service, has become the new focus of modern enterprise market competition. In China, there is a case of Haier Group's sales rising steadily because of its good after-sales service.

Selling goods or utility value, the next stage is to sell goods, sales of your services, so at the time of write a thank-you letter, be sure to tell you the gratitude mood of customers, because everyone has a feeling, when you wrote a letter to him, or send a card to him, he is usually not too easy to forget it, This can deepen the customer's trust in you.

There is a need to write a thank-you letter is numerous clients, while helping to visit customers, regardless of whether he bought your product, but he will be in town, and although he didn't buy the things you, is because you a little gift for him, he will feel a little guilty, so he will help you, although said that he had bought, Or he did not buy your company's products, but he will also help you, you still don't forget, always be grateful, thank you letter.

In the process of talking with customers or understanding, discuss countermeasures in the process, you should pay attention to listen, listen to where the real intention of customers, see what they have dissatisfaction or complaint. If you encounter a customer who may not express himself very well, or who may have a little stammer, you must be patient and let the customer speak his question and hear the truth. What is inconvenient or afraid to say is important.