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  • Talent strategy

    Talent competition strategy should be the company to attract, develop and retain senior management personnel, and have a conscious talent management.

    To win the war for talent. Talent development must first be made a high priority. Senior talent is the key to establishing future competitive advantage, and any company that is going to take advantage of this must instill a sense of talent throughout the organization, starting at the top management level. Company leaders need to establish and enforce the gold standard for talented people. The leadership of the company, whether the CEO or the chief operating officer, should be directly responsible for the implementation of this system to the company's executive officers.

    Once a unified talent concept has been formed, the leadership of the company must evaluate the performance of managers and supervisors at all levels through regular discussions to promote a correct talent cultivation behavior. Since executives are the backbone of the company, their performance evaluations must be candid, searchable, action-oriented, and talent-linked to strategy. At the same time, strict norms must be formulated to ensure that their performance is evaluated fairly, so as to truly play the role of media in fully promoting personal development. Finally, the quality of staffing decisions should be improved.

    The focus of the formulation of enterprise talent strategy: the focus is mainly on the recruitment and development of production and operation management talents, professional and technical management talents, middle and senior technical workers and other talents of the Group. The premise principles are: the following principles should be well grasped: the principle of letting employees share the achievements of enterprise development; The principle of combining material incentive with spiritual incentive; The principle of combination of short-term incentive and long-term incentive; The principle of appropriate incentive intensity.

  • The sales representative

    Location: Shenzhen

    Post time :2015-11-25 11:40:05

    Deadline: 2015-11-25 11:40:07

    Department: Sales

    Recruitment: 10

    Minimum education: college degree or above

    Job Requirements:

    1. College degree or above

    2. Be hard-working